Over 50 years of Engineering Surveys and Design and Project Management of Boiler/Chiller/HVAC/Building Automation Systems for hospitals, other healthcare facilities and colleges and universities.


About P&P Consulting, LLC.


47 projects with over 200 Air Handler Unit installations focused on efficient implementation with minimal facility disruption. 

69 installations, 186 Chiller/Cooling Tower/Water Hydronics, 5 Ice Storage Plants, 30 Boiler projects, 2 complete main power switchboard replacements, 5 underground oil tank removal and replacement, 5 roof replacements, 14 emergency generator installations, and 2 complete repaving of parking garage surfaces.

Successfully completed various projects in 32 states including Hawaii and have conducted surveys in an additional 9 states.

P&P Motto:

Consulting Driven by Pride & Passion


2004 Virginia Beach, VA.

P&P Consulting LLC strives to give your project the absolute best possible execution, backed by a lifetime of experience in the industry.



Serving all facilities located within the United States. Willing to travel and provide the same services to facilities outside the United States.


Dr. Henderson is the President of P&P Consulting LLC. The business base consists of engineering surveys and design and project management of boiler/chiller/HVAC systems for hospitals, other healthcare facilities and colleges and universities. He has completed 68 projects with over 200 Air Handler Unit installations focused on efficient implementation with minimal facility disruption.

Prior to starting his business Dr. Henderson was the Vice President of Operations for the Asset Management Group, Sodexo Healthcare. He was responsible for all aspects of a project including performing surveys, preliminary engineering design, construction costs management and presentations to the Board of Directors and/or CEO’s.

Dr. Henderson also served as the Director of Engineering at Marriott Corporate Headquarters in Gaithersburg, Maryland. While under his direction this 950,000 square foot facility secured numerous awards including five consecutive Engineering Award of Excellence and an Engineering Leadership Award. In 1992 the facility also received the prestigious ENCOMMP Award and was first runner up in 1993. This achievement led to the facility receiving a $2,000,000 energy grant for a new energy efficient chiller plant, which included new centrifugal chillers, direct fired gas absorber and a thermal ice storage system.

Dr. Henderson retired from the U.S. Navy in 1983; his last assignment was Chief Engineer onboard the USS Newport, LST 1179. He brings 54 plus years of knowledge and hands-on experience in the management and operation of engineering facilities. Dr. Henderson’s professional memberships include the American Society for Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers and the National Fire Protection Association.

Dr. Henderson is a Certified Energy Manager and Business Energy Professional. He also holds a First Class Engineer’s License from the National Institute for the Uniform Licensing of Power Engineers. Dr. Henderson has a contractor’s business license in the state of Virginia. Dr. Henderson has completed his MBA. His Doctorate is in Management and Leadership.

P&P Consulting, LLC


P&P Consulting, LLC. is a unique, diverse organization dedicated to promoting two separate services demonstrated by extensive “in the field, hands on” experience coupled with an ongoing personal improvement, continuing education program culminating with a Doctor in Management and Leadership degree.

The Engineering Services section documents and demonstrates the abilities of P&P LLC.  The achievements clearly demonstrate the level of Pride, Passion and Dedication that is evident in each completed project. 

Dr. John Henderson, P&P Principal, consistently maintains a high standard and demonstrates a deep passion for the role of Leadership with a strict compliance in personal and professional ethical behavior.  It is his desire to pass on to the leaders thought provoking lectures on the subject of leadership, ethics, and engineering.  Dr. Henderson's personal experiences will challenge the listener to become engaged in topics of discussion.  His material is based on real life situations with emphasis on experiences relevant for anyone serving in a leadership role.


I have known and worked with Dr. John Henderson for over 30 years in a wide variety of circumstances. When we first worked together, we were both in the Navy. I was his supervisor and could see early on that he was a very focused, thoughtful, fair minded and extremely talented engineer.

Due to career decisions, we kept in touch but went separate ways. Fortunately, we linked up again in an industrial environment. In this capacity, Dr. Henderson demonstrated greater in-depth knowledge of engineering and commercial building Plant Operations. He had a diverse work crew that was lacking in both basic skills and motivation. Through diligent efforts on his part, he developed and implemented a targeted training program specifically oriented to build on each employee’s trade and skill level.

During this time, Dr. Henderson developed a sophisticated training program based on his own qualifications as a Certified Diesel Engine Inspector. In this capacity, he was invited to conduct a training program to selected individuals and we started a small business to promote his personal knowledge and training skills. He was subsequently selected to conduct specialized Diesel Engine Inspector training for hand-picked individuals in the Canadian Navy.

Again, our careers took us on separate tracks but several years later we linked up again. In this capacity, we had both migrated into the health care industry and were essentially co-equals in different sections of the same company. Dr. Henderson had become more oriented into Engineering Design and Development, but never lost his desire to train at all skill levels within the company.

As time moved on, Dr. Henderson clearly emerged as a leader in the organization. The tables had turned at this point and he became my supervisor. Since I did not have the in-depth engineering skill level, Dr. Henderson conducted numerous targeted training sessions with me so that I could successfully support his project objectives.

Dr. Henderson is an extremely talented engineer. In addition, he possesses a unique talent for training and public speaking. He can easily adapt to the skill and knowledge level of his audience. He is passionate, persuasive and focused to ensure that everyone in his audience walks away with a greater level of understanding of his program objectives.
— Paul Canady, MBA Captain, US Navy Retired Facility Management Manager